Greenbelts Saved!

Some great news to share with the community…!

Both Greenbelts in Swords have been saved. 

An attempt by Cllr. Brigid Manton and Cllr. Darragh Butler to rezone the Brackenstown (Rivervalley, Ridgewood, Ashfield and Knocksedan) and Uniplumo (Rathbeale Road) Greenbelts respectively was firmly opposed by a majority of Cllrs who spoke against each motion.

The Fingal Executive also urged rejection of Cllr. Manton’s and Cllr. Butler’s motions aimed at rezoning our precious Greenbelts. In addition, they confirmed there is a surplus of residential-zoned land in Fingal. 

These rezoning attempts by both Cllrs. faced mass opposition from our community. It is a lesson that when we organise as a community we can bring in real change. 

Our aim from the outset was to create a clean, safe and sustainable community for this generation (especially for our children) and the generation to come. 

Many of the Cllrs. who spoke praised our campaign and said it was a great example of people power and local democracy in action. 

Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign. 

Special mention to the 5 Swords Cllrs. who actively supported Save Swords Greenbelt from the start. 

They listened to the wishes of our community and championed the communities cause. They are; Cllr. Joe Newman (Indpt), Cllr. Ann Graves (Sinn Fein), Cllr. Ian Carey (Green Party), Cllr. James Humphreys (Labour Party) and Cllr. Dean Mulligan (Indpts4Change).

The campaign will remain active and continue to grow. We urge all of the community to get involved in the campaign and protect our precious Greenbelts.