Oppose Motion 535 to Save Greenbelt Before It’s Too Late…!

Cllr. Brigid Manton has put forward Motion: 535 Lands at Brackenstown, Swords (Ref: AI081902) /Fingal Development Plan. 

If this motion is approved by Fingal Cllrs, then the Greenbelt will be rezoned. We will lose a precious resource forever. 

Please act now before it’s too late! (Cllrs. are discussing motions at the moment).

1. Please email/text/WhatsApp Cllr. Manton and ask the Cllr. to withdraw the motion before it’s too late.

2. Also contact, Cllr. Butler and ask the Cllr. to oppose the motion (Cllr. Butler has yet to indicate his position on the Greenbelt)

Cllrs. contact details;

Cllr. Brigid Manton

mobile: 086 247 6596

email: brigid.manton@cllrs.fingal.ie

Cllr. Darragh Butler 

mobile: 087 959 5378

email: Darragh.Butler@cllrs.fingal.ie

Suggested Wording 

Email Subject Line: Motion: 535 Lands at Brackenstown, Swords (Ref: AI081902) please withdraw/oppose this motion (delete as appropriate).

Dear Cllr. Manton/Butler, (delete as appropriate)

I am opposed to Motion: 535 Lands at Brackenstown, Swords (Ref: AI081902) and ask that you please withdraw/oppose (delete as appropriate) this motion.

The vast majority of our community want the Greenbelt protected.

  • 300+ submissions were made asking for the Greenbelt to be protected during the current (2023-2029) Development Plan consultation process (the largest number of submissions on any single issue). Submissions were made by a range of residents, community groups and Cllrs. In contrast, 2 submissions called for the Greenbelt to be rezoned.
  • 2000+ residents have already signed an ongoing petition asking for the Greenbelt to be retained and protected
  • 5 of the 7 Swords Cllrs. are actively supporting the Save Swords Greenbelt campaign
  • Fingal County Council Planners and Chief Executive AnnMarie Farrelly has said there is a sufficient amount of residential (RA) land in Swords to cope with demand. In addition, the they have said the Greenbelt should be protected as a safeguard against climate change, to prevent ad-hoc planning and help build sustainable communities

For all the above reasons (…and more), retaining and protecting this Greenbelt will be highly important for the health and well-being of the people living in our community, especially our children.

Can you please confirm that you will withdraw/oppose this motion? (delete as appropriate)