Petition passes the 2,000 signature mark!

Our petition has passed the 2,000 signature mark! (combined online/ door-to-door).

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to support the campaign to save and protect the precious Greenbelt.

*99.4% of Swords residents want the Greenbelt protected. 5 of 7 Swords Cllrs. support the Greenbelt and Fingal CEO AnnMarie Farrelly says the Greenbelt should be protected.

Why isn’t Cllr. Manton listening to the community? Please oppose Motion 535 and save our precious Greenbelt.

Please remember, it’s not about us, it’s about making sure our children grow up in a clean, healthy and sustainable community. As the climate change crisis gets worse, the Greenbelt will become our first line of defence.

We already have enough land zoned residential to cope with anticipated population growth, so destroying a Greenbelt doesn’t make sense!

*Fingal Draft Development Plan – Public Consultation Process

Please continue to sign and share the petition.